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Derivada Production Award
Santander Bank Foundation


Inkjet print, woodcut and screen printing on 65 g Shin Inbe and 350 g Hahnemühle paper

Derivada is a program for artistic creation, investigation, and dissemination aimed at Spanish creators whose work is related to science. Through this initiative, the foundation seeks to promote women in art, support the production of graphic works, and build bridges between art and science. The piece created by Ira Lombardía results from an investigation into the representation of femininity throughout history. It is a formally simple piece composed of three superimposed elements: wood, an ancient vessel, and glass. And yet, it is full of symbolism. The wood tells us about the environment, nature, and what surrounds us. The vase is linked to a woman's body and motherhood, both in shape and function as a container for something precious. And with the glass, Lombardía speaks to us of contemporaneity, of the glass that currently surrounds us (telephones, computers) and through which we see reality distorted. The great challenge of this piece has been to achieve the appearance of these materials with graphic arts techniques. This is a trompe l'oeil, an illusion: we think we see wood and glass, but it is really woodcut and silkscreen printing on paper.

Text by Bea Espejo. Download it here

Vessel_ Ira Lombardía

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