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Re-view: Visual Encounters

Artist Talk: Art Documentation as an Art Form.

Revise, analyze, critique. In a world saturated with images, RE-VIEW aspires to construct a framework for the production an

d dissemination of thought in relation to the image, and reflect upon the visual culture in which we are immersed- walking it further beyond the paradigm of a photography that has become obsolete in the context of today’s iconic production.

More than fiction or documentary, text or testimony, the current image expands into slippery and shaky territories in an volatile network where windows multiply, visual noise stalks and the different platforms for the production of images lead us to new places where the categories of the last century no longer suffice.

Henceforth, CoMbO and BLOW UP merge synergies and plot together for a month dominated by photography in the city of Cordoba to serve as a platform for new discourses and languages which approach the image from our uncertain contemporaneity. RE-VIEW is born as a format for looking at the now- workshops, presentations, portfolio reviews, screenings, debates, exhibitions and other activities where the image lives immersed in a hypertextual network and can no longer survive on its own, but within a complex web of power relations with diverse means of accessing information.

RE-VIEW is also an attempt to bring visibility to other forms of addressing creative contemporary cultural management- one which is flexible and open to collaborative formulas, thinking globally and acting locally to create sustainable and efficient structures for a new breed of cultural organizations.

Combo Independent Art Center,Cordoba, Spain.


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