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Transphotography or the Postphotographic Drift

About the present of Photographic Theory in Post-Internet Era

After reading and investigating during a period of time, in 2014 I started my theoretical research for my PHD: Transphotography, the Postphotographic Drift. About the Present of Photographic theory in the Post-Internet Era. For this, the subject matter is no other than that space, that gulf between the theoretical references and the photographic practice. On my part, there is no intention of trying to define, as some authors have done, what is or what becomes Post-photography; rather, it is to discover the possible flexibility or permeability of some texts that I consider fundamental, and analyze its possible effect.

“My intention is not about defining what Postphotography is, but experiment with the flexibility of fundamental text .”

Furthermore, I have produced multiple visual project that reflect upon these concerns which will appear in the following sections. In these, I approach photography from non-visible forms that are made up of different techniques such as scanography, graphic design, appropriation or retouched photography.

In this sense, the intention of these projects is to complete my research from artistic practice. I consider another part of the process, for visual investigation should be addressed and supported from practice.


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