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Making Visible

Curated by Lara Pan
Harlan Levey Projects,
Brussels, 2024.


Featuring works from Constance DeJong, Ira Lombardia, Edwin Schlossberg, Günther Selichar, Jonathan Sullam and Suzanne Treister.

The title of this exhibition draws its inspiration from the seminal film crafted by Edwin Schlossberg back in 1969, a film that originated from a unique commission by the iconic Dilexi Foundation. The Dilexi Gallery, an avant-garde establishment nestled within the heart of San Francisco and operational from 1958 to 1969, holds a rich history. Its inception was the collaborative brainchild of Jim Newman, and artist and poet Robert Alexander, igniting an era of unparalleled creativity in the Bay Area and the expansive West Coast. Making Visible is a cinematic endeavor that delves into the realm of McLuhanesque prophecies. Labeled as an essayistic exploration of communication theory, the film envisions the latent potential within the imperceptible realm of television's material. As the cinematic journey unfolds, viewers are confronted with the profound notion: "In order to make this image visible to you, it had to become invisible." The exhibition revolves around themes of invisible imagery, the interstitial realm, hidden messages, and the various possibilities we may consciously or unconsciously perceive or overlook. Each artist contributes a unique perspective, using different mediums and approaches to explore these themes. With thanks to Bureau, New York; Annely Juda Fine Art, London; P.P.O.W. Gallery, New York; Alarcón Criado Gallery; Karen Conway; and all participating artists.

Photo credit: Adriaan Hauwaert

Exhibition view Making Visible, Harlan Levey Projects, 2024_7_LR.jpg
Exhibition view Making Visible, Harlan Levey Projects, 2024_5_LR.jpg
Exhibition view Making Visible, Harlan Levey Projects, 2024_3_LR.jpg
Ira Lombardia, exhibition view Making Visible, Harlan Levey Projects, 2024_LR.jpg

Installation Views, Courstesy Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels.

Photo credit: Adriaan Hauwaert

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