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The Theoretical Rest-

Taking pictures of someone asleep is a habitual practice in the private and familiar sphere that has some aspects we find amusing. The inability of the subject to refuse to be photographed, or to think of how to pose, involves on one side a small sense of rape but on the other a high degree of intimacy. Lack of intent, spontaneity, and unconsciousness, draws on the subject an absolute vulnerability.

Based on these ideas of intimacy and proximity I decided to appropriate some of the most iconic images of philosophers that I’d studied over the years who have worked in the field of photography or art. Once the images containing the right body language were selected, I closed their eyes by digital retouching, simulating that they are asleep. The result is a series in which famous philosophers seem to have been caught spontaneously while they were resting or having a nap, allowing us to take a closer look at these prominent figures in a way that we had not done before.

Photographic series, 2014-2015

Entreacto Award

Santander Bank Foundation

Moisés Peréz de Albéniz Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2015

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