Visual Strike-

When trying to address a research on photography there have been many questions about what had changed with photography at the immaterial Post-Internet era. My concerns about this issue forced me to change the way I was working with photography up until that moment. I was not able to continue my visual and theoretical approach towards photography in the same way. There were so many questions that were leading up to the same place. They came to show that there is a gap, a sort of abyss.

So, in 2012 I decided to remove all the images from my website and commence a symbolic visual strike. For a thousand days people will only find on the web a text explaining this lack of images.This mandatory pause brings me the opportunity to understand my photographic and theoretical production in a new way. And was an attempt to work with visual flows instead of images it self.


As Joan Fontcuberta wrote on his book The Fury of the images: it was not a lack of affection beyond photography tough an act of love. Having refusing proposal for making visual strikes on galleries and Museums, on 2018 it came a proposal that respect and understood the essence of the project. Curator Alexandra Laudo agree to exhibit just the documentation of the piece ( reproducing with same measures my web page on a light box, in printted out 3000 with the original text.

Online Project

May, 2012 to September 2015

"A Certain Darkness"

Caixa Forum Barcelona, 2018-2019

Curator: Alexandra Laudo