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Adorno Was Wrong-

Adorno Was Wrong is a project that compiles irreverent reviews of the philosopher’s work through different proposals and formats. Addressing and criticizing some of his most famous statements, this project appears to drift from the philosophical to the poetic. The project’s title, Adorno was wrong. Poetry is all we have left, makes a reference to the famous quote: “To write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric.” This quote can perhaps be understood in its historical context; even so, many intellectuals criticized it at the time and now it seems to have lost all sense.

First, I proceeded to make a rubber stamp in order to graffiti a page from one of Adorno’s books that I had in my library, in this case, the Aesthetics Theory. This is an ongoing project in which more of Adorno’s books coming from private and public libraries will be stamped.

Secondly, based on the strategies of political arts that are understood as forms of poetic activism, in February 2014, 300 posters were put up in various strategic points in the city of Madrid.

In 2016 the poster turned into a Billboard in Los Angeles City, USA.

Street Art

Billboard Installation

The Billboard Creative Show, 2016

Los Ángeles, USA

Curator: Mona Kuhn

Posters in Madrid,

Calle Doctor Fourquet

Calle Atocha 2014

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150 Westminster Ave
Syracuse, NY, 13210, USA
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