Adorno Was Wrong-

Adorno Was Wrong is a project that compiles irreverent reviews of the philosopher’s work through different proposals and formats. Addressing and criticizing some of his most famous statements, this project appeals to a drift from the philosophical to the poetic. The project’s title, Adorno was wrong. Poetry is all we have left, makes a reference to the famous quote: “To write a poem after Auschwitz is barbaric.” This quote can perhaps be understood in its historical context; even so, many intellectuals criticized it at the time and now it seems to have lost all sense.

First, I proceeded to make a rubber stamp in order to interfere a page from one of Adorno’s books that I had in my library, in this case the Aesthetics Theory. This is an on-going project in which more of Adorno’s books coming from private and public libraries will be stamped.

Secondly, based on the strategies of political art that is understood as a form of poetic activism, in February 2014, 300 posters were put up in various strategic points in the city of Madrid.

On 2016 the poster turn into a Billboard on Los Angeles City, USA.

Street Art

Billboard Installation

The Billboard Creative Show, 2016

Los Ángeles, USA

Curator: Mona Kuhn

Posters in Madrid,

Calle Doctor Fourquet

Calle Atocha 2014