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3 new books have been generated from the original 3 dOCUMENTA´s (13) catalogs: The Log book, The Guide book, and The Book of Books. These original volumes have been tattered and a number of pages have been removed and replaced by others that faithfully reproduce the contents of each catalog. These new pages include images, some texts, and data that was not present in the original catalogs. The inputted image, which is nothing more than a reflection from a window of the Orangerie (one of the venues of the exhibition), is not a real piece of art despite being within the exhibition space. To be able to camouflage and include this image, while also making it an outsider in the catalogs as it had been in the exhibition, it was necessary to give it a title: And I Think to my selffffffffff what a wonderful worlllllllllld, and make up the name of an artist: Alyce Kaplan as the author of the fake piece. Once the 3 catalogs were modified and interfered with, counting the indexes, drawings and captions, and credits of images, this piece of un-art goes unnoticed among them as an authentic piece questioning the limits of the art system. Finally, to explain this process, a little book was published, which discloses the whole story and which is formally identical to the dOCUMENTA´s (13) monographs by publisher Hatje Cantz.

Photographic & Publishing Project, 2014

"Not all Photographs are records"

Open Eye Gallery

Liverpool Biennial UK, 2014

Curator: Lorenzo Fussi

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