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After Art Theory-

What happens after art theory? What would happen if the images were not interpreted from the textual? How do works of art relate beyond movements or chronologies? What order exists outside the linearity of books?

After Art Theory is a piece that invites us to replant the relationship between the textual and the images, to ask ourselves about the weight of the theoretical in the contemporary, and to build new relationships and discourses around the reproduction, distribution, and consumption of works of art. The project starts from the appropriation of the emblematic book "Art from 1900: Modernity, Antimodernity and Postmodernity" of Hal Foster, Rosalind Kraus, Yve Alain Bois, and Benjamin Buchloh. It selectively reproduces the images and graphic elements, like icons or pagination. Any trace of the texts and dates that contextualize the images have been removed.

​The book is not presented as a finished object, but as a fragmented whole, arranged in a total of 22 sheets or impositions, printed double-sided. Disassembled panels designed in the structure of the book before the components are folded, cut, and sewn together,  organize the work in a new format. In this way, the images are no longer ordered by theoretical or interpretative criteria, but by mere productive questions that attend to the logic of editorial production, as well as the rules that order the distribution, reproduction, and consumption of art.

22 Photographic Panels printed on both sides, 2015


Solo Show, Alarcón Criado Gallery, Seville, Spain, 2016

ARCO Madrid Art Fair,

Alarcón Criado Gallery, Madrid, 2017

Artlima Arta Fair

Alarcón Criado Gallery,Perú, 2017

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