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Be a Place, Place an Image, Imagine a Poem-

This project appropriates the design of the exhibition information sheets at the Reina Sofía Museum to create a textual intervention. It also appropriates the title of Ree Morton’s major retrospective exhibition, on view from May through September 2015: Be a Place, Place an Image, Imagine a Poem. This is intended to confuse the reader, who would unwittingly pick up the false information sheet only to find it contains no information whatsoever about the exhibition.

The paper, instead, contains a text written in the first person, in which it defines itself as “dysfunctional” and refers to itself as “an emancipated information sheet” free to choose its destiny. Liberated from its prescribed functionality as descriptive, educational, and informative, the sheet declares its desire to become different objects: a paper rock, a discarded note, and an imprecise map. All fragile, ambiguous, and unsuccessful documents nevertheless yearn for a valid purpose. These professed aspirations remind us of the power of words, the strength of small-scale actions, and the influences of the seemingly banal, ephemeral, and incidental. A total of a thousand information sheets were produced and distributed throughout the museum on May 19, 2015.

Informative sheet, 2015

Artist Action.

MNCARS , Madrid, Spain, 2015


MNCARS Lockers, Madrid, Spain, 2017

Curators: Diego Díez andBorja Llobregat

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