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Buzz Words-

In this project I use prefixes and suffixes to create new words. Those words, complicated and overloaded with meaning, try to approach a new reality that is difficult to define. The neologisms — a newly coined word or expression, such as ‘Metanetpostology,’ “Posthumanglossialization”, ‘Hyperphotocentrism’, ‘Pseudoquasipolireal’ and “Superneomegaego”  — are embroidered on caps, using graphic design and branding as an artistic tool that enhances and reinforces the idea behind each of the concepts and comments on the relationship between technology and consumerism.

Embroidered Caps, 2017- 2021

Limited Edition


Solo Show

SCAD Musuem of Art

Savannah, GA, USA

Photo Credits: SCAD Musuem of Art

Ira Lombardía Studio
150 Westminster Ave
Syracuse, NY, 13210, USA
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