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Lombardía’s interest in images of art, commercialization, and consumerism extends beyond traditional art historical contexts. In this series, the artist focused on commercial merchandise, specifically ceramic mugs often sold in museum gift shops, to interrogate the process by which an image is turned into an object and the viewer’s gaze becomes an act of consumption. Two of the totems contain mugs with images of artworks (mostly paintings) made during a particular time and geographic region of art history: in Paris, before and after World War II. Lombardía’s approach to the tallest totem, Mother, was necessarily different. Because there are so few mugs featuring work by women artists for sale in museum gift shops, Lombardía designed and produced custom mugs specifically for this totem.

DJ Hellerman

Curator, SCAD Musuem of Art



Ceramic Mugs



Solo Show

SCAD Musuem of Art

Savannah, GA, USA

Photo Credits:  SCAD Musuem of Art

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