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Google Pattern-
The Rest is History

To create the works in this series, Lombardía appropriates images from historical archives. She then silkscreens abstract, highly saturated shapes over the focal points of the black-and-white  photogravures , leaving only the surrounding context visible. Using the VOIDX app, viewers transform the artist’s iconoclastic gesture into their own act of creation, digitally altering the two-dimensional work with other images or videos.


As the artist explains, “the work itself goes beyond hybrid to pose a conflict, as it is the sum of opposites: it is aura and it is copy, it is an ‘art object’ and it is dematerialized. It is finished and it is not. It is open to manipulation by the spectators. These works are everything and they are nothing.”

DJ Hellerman

Curator, SCAD Musuem of Art

Google Pattern

Chroma Art Prints

Photoengraving, screen print and digital interaction


Paris Photo

Alarcon Criado Gallery

Paris, France, 2021


Solo Show

SCAD Musuem of Art

Savannah, GA, USA

Solo Show

Alarcon Criado Gallery

Seville, Spain, 2021

ARCO Madrid 2021

Alarcon Criado Gallery

Photo Credits:  Miguel Muñoz

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