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Interpretation Issues-

This project came out in the Reina Sofia Museum Library during a studying evening. I had decided to take some photos with my phone of a Dan Flavin Catalog. The result was a failure. The light from my lamp desk interfered with the glossy paper. The camera did not take correct photographs of the text or of the artwork reproductions.

However, this lighting issue made me aware of the importance of art documentation, and how often we build an idea of an art piece or even an aesthetical experience, from the photographs that appear on books and websites. More specifically, it highlighted the importance of photography in minimal art and light sculptures, which technically have specific issues.

Thus, the light becomes a tool of interpretation and goes beyond technical reproduction. As one of the texts included in the catalog asserts, in that precise moment, at the library, away from the authentic piece, light became a Fact and also a Sign.

With this in mind, I created this photographic series in which taking pictures of art reproductions and texts, becomes an art piece itself, generating new meanings that go beyond the original piece. That is to say, that light brings us a speech that overcomes the minimal art discourse, and at the same time, makes visible some interpretation issues.

Photographic Installation, 2014-2015

"The End Of the Index Logic"

Solo Show

UCO-LF. International Cotemporary Grant. Córdoba University and La Fragua Residency Program.

Combo Independent Art Space, 2015

Cordoba, Spain, 2015

Curator: Jesús Alcaide


Solo Show, Alarcón Criado Gallery, Seville, Spain, 2016

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