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The Invisible Memory-

In this series and after a process of estrangement from my own visual production, I decided to lock some of my photo cards full of images in small Plexiglas boxes.

The only information that we will know about the contents of these boxes is the number of images and videos contained on the cards, the year, and the place where they were taken. There are two types of cards. CF cards are used in professional SLR cameras, and they make us assume that the content has greater intentionality and an artistic or commercial purpose. Conversely, SD cards are commonly used in compact cameras, in my case, in a small Leica I carry in my bag regularly and on many trips.

The content is more heterogeneous and less intentional, full of visual notes and personal pictures. Approximately, each Gigabyte accumulated in these cards contains between 71 and 715 images depending on which quality we chose to keep them in. Thus, thousands of images are condemned to never be seen, observed, read, or printed, being just absolutely immaterial entities and linked to personal memory.

Sculpture, 2011-2015

Entreacto Award

Santander Bank Foundation

Moisés Peréz de Albéniz Gallery, Madrid, Spain, 2015

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